I Can’t Afford To Love NY

“There is something inherently stupid about gentrified thinking. It’s a dumbing down and smoothing over of what people are actually like. It’s a social position rooted in received wisdom, with aesthetics blindly selected from the presorted offerings of marketing and without information or awareness about the structures that create its own delusional sense of infallibility. Gentrified thinking is like the bourgeois version of Christian fundamentalism, a huge, unconscious conspiracy of homogenous patterns with no awareness about its own freakishness. The gentrification mentality is rooted in the belief that obedience to consumer identity over recognition of lived experience is actually normal, neutral, and value free.”
Sarah Schulman, The Gentrification of the Mind: Witness to a Lost Imagination
Photograph by Rosangel Perez

This Land Is Rapidly Changing…

I was born, raised, live, and serve the community of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. There is a cultural, racial, and income divide here. Everyday I witness the landscape of my home changing… either a new building is going up, or a neighbor, or local business is getting displaced. And everyday, I observe …